Top Ten Reasons You NEED a Solid State Drive


Solid State Drives are all the rage now, and it’s no wonder why.  Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory versus moving parts and platters like traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).  Not convinced and wondering why you would even need one?  We’ve got it covered…

Top Ten Reasons You NEED a Solid State Drive

1.  SPEED.  Since solid state drives don’t have moving platters, it’s much easier and faster to search for information.  Your system and it’s programs boot almost immediately.

2.  DURABILITY.  HDDs have moving parts.  If thrown around, jostled or dropped, mechanical damage and data loss is likely.  Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are much more reliable.  Your data can be stored safely for years, as shock and movement don’t affect SSDs.  HDDs have a life expectancy of three to five years, although even if brand new, you should always make sure to back up your data on something else for safe keeping.  SSDs have a life expectancy of up to three times longer, with manufacturer claims of them lasting to 1-2 million hours.

3.  EFFICIENT MULTITASKING.  Run multiple programs without stalling or waiting.  No more will your antivirus scan slow you down while you download or work on other programs.

4.  ENERGY EFFICIENCY.  Since there are no moving parts, SSDs take less energy to run, therefore using less battery life.

5.  COOLER.  SSDs operate with cooler temperatures than that of HDDs, keeping your laptop cooler (and your lap!).

6.  QUIETER.  Since SSDs run cooler, the fan doesn’t have to work so hard, making a noticeable difference in noise.

7.  FLEXIBILITY.  Some SSDs can be plugged directly into your motherboard, allowing it to work alongside your hard drive or be used as a cache drive.

8.  GAMING.  Spend more time playing and less time waiting, with faster load times.  Gamers love SSDs, as it puts them a step ahead of their HDD using competitors .

9.  SIZE.  A physically smaller size SSD holds more than an HDD, allowing for smaller and more lightweight than ever laptops and electronics.

10.  COST EFFECTIVE.  SSDs may still be a little more costly than HDDs, but the price has really come down.  The gains made in durability, reliability, and speed far exceed the small cost difference.

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