How to Increase the Life of Your Laptop

We all want to save money and time, and having to replace or repair a laptop sooner than we wish is a waste of both.  Just like maintaining a car will prevent costly repairs in the future, the same can be true of your laptop.  While some of these suggestions seem like no-brainers, some are easily overlooked and we thought worth mentioning. Use Care when Handling Your Laptop We see a lot of broken screens and cracked cases from laptops being stepped on while placed on the floor or from falling off edges of beds and sofas.  And drink spills, we see so many sticky and wet keyboards!  (Wine is much kinder than orange juice or other sweet drinks)  We […]

Top Ten Reasons You NEED a Solid State Drive

Solid State Drives are all the rage now, and it’s no wonder why.  Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory versus moving parts and platters like traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).  Not convinced and wondering why you would even need one?  We’ve got it covered… Top Ten Reasons You NEED a Solid State Drive 1.  SPEED.  Since solid state drives don’t have moving platters, it’s much easier and faster to search for information.  Your system and it’s programs boot almost immediately. 2.  DURABILITY.  HDDs have moving parts.  If thrown around, jostled or dropped, mechanical damage and data loss is likely.  Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are much more reliable.  Your data can be stored safely for years, as shock and movement […]


With shops in Fayetteville and now Bentonville, we’ve been serving customers in the Northwest Arkansas area for over twelve years.  We pride ourselves in providing friendly, affordable, and prompt computer and printer repair to both home users, offices, and clinics.  Our goal is not only to solve your computer issues, but to provide excellent customer service and support.  We know that a satisfied customer will come back again for help with future issues and we are thankful for our long list of loyal customers.  We always offer a free diagnosis for in-shop computer repairs, there is never a charge if you don’t want to repair it.  We stand behind our work, with a 30 day warranty on all in-shop labor.  Call us […]